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The BRIMS Center advances MS-based workflows that bridge the gap between early-stage discovery and routine verification and validation of biomarkers.


Advancing personalized medicine relies on the discovery and validation of protein and peptide biomarkers that signal disease states. Researchers have identified many putative biomarkers, but few have been independently validated.

About the BRIMS Center

The Biomarkers Research Initiatives in Mass Spectrometry (BRIMS) Center is a Thermo Fisher Scientific center of excellence that exists to develops and comprehensive, integrated, and robust MS-based workflows that link early-stage discovery to next-stage quantitative verification of protein, peptide and small molecule biomarkers.

To achieve its mission, the BRIMS Center collaborates with leading researchers and within its parent organization, Thermo Fisher Scientific, to develop and integrate the latest tools and techniques such as consumables, instrumentation and data interpretation software. Its technical staff has extraordinary expertise in all aspects of MS-based proteomics workflows, from sample preparation to data interpretation.

A key challenge is to break this bottleneck and bridge the gap between early-stage discovery and next-stage, routine quantitative application of biomarker assays in the clinical research setting.